M E D I C A L   S E C U R I T Y   N O T I C E
Notice to new website users


The information you provide to Healthscope (the Hospital) using this e-Admissions Service will be relied upon by the Hospital to provide you with medical services. For your health and safety, it is essential that you provide us with complete and accurate information. Because this is an online service, it is also essential that you observe the following security precautions:

Email address
To register, you will be asked to provide an email address. If anyone else can access your email at that address, they may be able to access information you provide using this service. We therefore recommend that you do not provide an email address that you share with anyone else.
Passcode to mobile phone
To register, you will be asked to set up a user name and password. You will also be asked to verify your account by receiving and entering a 6-digit passcode to your mobile phone. This function will also be used for signing documents via the website. The passcode sent to your mobile phone will only be active for 10 minutes.
Malicious emails
Sometimes malicious emails are sent out, requesting passwords or other security information. Healthscope will never send emails asking for such information. If you receive such an email do not respond to it, even if it looks as if the Hospital sent it. Instead, please notify us on IT.ServiceDesk@healthscope.com.au.
Viruses and spyware
Computers can become infected with viruses and spyware. Infected computers can detect information that you type (such as your username and password) and disclose that information to other people. It is essential that you only access the e-Admissions Service from a computer that you are confident is secure and which has reliable and regularly updated anti-virus software installed.
Use of "Remember my password" option
Some browsers support a "remember my password" function. We recommend you always choose the option "never from this site" and enter your username and password each time. Your personal and health information may be accessed by an unauthorised person if you allow your username and password to be remembered by the computer you are using and somebody other than you is able to access that computer.
If you do not observe these precautions, the Hospital will not be liable or otherwise responsible for any unauthorised access to your personal and health information that may occur as a result.
Website security measures
To protect your personal and health information, this site has adopted a number of security features:
  • encryption of all data in transit using Secure Sockets Layer (128-bit SSL) encryption
  • storage of all data in ISO 27001 Accredited and ASIO T4 Accredited Data Centre in Australia
  • encryption of all links and database keys
  • Two factor authentication on password recovery